Tattoo Removal – Welcome To The Laser Room

How Does Tattoo Removal Work ?

The laser that is used for tattoo removal rapidly delivers a light beam to the skin in order to remove unwanted tattoos.  The laser is design to be focus on the tattoo ink colour over the lighter skin colour. When the light beam hits the ink, it breaks apart the tattoo colour into tiny particles. These particles become invivisble to the naked eye and over time absorbed and removed by the body’s natural filtration system.

The Laser Room (located at the back of Teddy’s Barber Shop & Laser Clinic) has been equipped with tattoo removals latest technology, The Ultralase Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser – specially designed for tattoo removal.  The high-powered laser minimises damage that could be caused by overheating the surrounding skin and lowers chance of scarring and the discomfort felt in the removal process is reduced.

Important Facts & Reasons Why People Remove Tattoos

What is always a good idea at the time can cause issues later in life such as difficulty securing certain types of employment.  However, many people now also seek tattoo removal to create a fresh canvass for new designs.  Our Laser Clinic can remove tattoos containing black, dark and light blue, green and red pigments.

  • Modern laser technology the risk of scarring is much lower, its not zero and aftercare is important
  • Black is the easiest to remove
  • Anaesthetic creams are provided to numb skin prior to treatment
  • It is not always possible to totally remove a tattoo, but treatment can significantly lighten them
  • Older tattoos or those with complex designs may require more treatments than others
  • 6-12 sessions based on the quality of tattoo are required

Tattoo Removal Process

Treatments required depends on the amount of ink used and level of deepness inserted. However, most require six to twelve treatments across 4-6-week intervals with the best fading results to occur several months after each treatment as the skin continues to break down the finer particles.

What types of tattoos react best to laser removal?

Its now possible to remove or at least significantly lighten most tattoos with black, blue and red tattoos the easiest to remove. Colours such as aqua, green and yellow can be resistant and only partially fade. White tattoos reflect lasers so do not respond to laser treatment.

How long after being tattooed can removal commence?

As soon as the skin has completely healed – although it may appear healed within a week or two, a period of six weeks is advised.

Can the area be re-tattooed?

Yes – Whether you have had complete removal, partial or just lightening, the area can be re-tattooed. This is often the wish of clients who are looking to replace an existing tattoo with a new design so first have laser tattoo removal treatments to make it possible.

Will the tattoo completely disappear?

In many cases there will be 100% elimination of the tattoo but 95% fading is considered a good result. Variables such as colour, ink type and tattoo depth will create different outcomes. Your tattoo removal specialist can discuss likely outcomes during your first  consultation.

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The Laser Room

The Laser Room (located at the back of the Barbershop) has been equipped with the latest technology in SHR IPL Laser Tattoo & Hair removal situated in a private and comfortable space cornered off from the rest of the Barber Shop action.  This new addition offers clients a high-powered laser that minimises damage that could be caused by overheating the surrounding skin and lowers chance of scarring and the discomfort felt in the removal process.

The SHR Difference

The biggest benefit for clients – the treatment with the SHR Laser is much less painful than previous methods because there is less heating of the skin.  This makes treatments much more comfortable and the results provide better outcomes in producing clear and healthy skin.

tattoo removal before after

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